A Winter Farewell – My First Ski Trip!

Last weekend I said bye to Winter and welcomed Spring, with a very special ceremony – going on a ski trip first time in my life!

How was it? Scary but lots of fun, with wonderful people! Now meet the full team!


We departed Central Station at around 6pm, when an unusual thunderstorm smashed Sydney. Then we spent the next few hours debating Perisher vs. Thredbo – as we were told that Thredbo is better for beginners, ending with this little ski resort having the privilege to witness my first ski experience 🙂


The morning started with a 2-hour training session, where we join other newbies to learn how to put on our skis, how to stop by making that ‘big triangle’ and how to turn on skis etc. After the first 2 hours I was confidence enough to follow the team up to the top (Did I regret it? Keep reading!)


As soon as we got there, I saw a huge cliff and a narrow ski trail which scared the hell out of me. The funniest thing was, there’s an ‘Easiest’ sign there. So I ended up doing a lot of self-talking before I decided to ski down – only 2 seconds later I found myself skiing towards the edge just about to do a cliff jump!

Obviously I fell down, as that’s the quickest way to stop myself jumping off the edge. As you can imagine I was blocking the traffic in the middle of the path, seeking help.


But the good news is, we managed to take a group photo at the top so I still look like a professional skier in the photo, right? Or, do I look like I was about to go Scuba diving??


The next day, after a long enough ‘mind break’ throughout the night, I’m on my way up to Australia’s highest mountain – Mount Kosciuszko, with my favourite girl:


We arrived Australia’s Highest Restaurant at 1937 Metres!


And of course, we managed to make another group photo looking like a group of world-class skiers arriving the top of Everest!


Just like that, my first ski trip has come to an end. The whole experience was amazing and it was great to tick this off from my wish list. Thanks everybody especially my awesome team who supported me throughout the journey.

If you’re planning your ski trip, here’s my packing list which you might find useful: 

  • Goggles – Highly recommended although not a must-have item. Sunglasses could work but they might fall while you ski. Goggles can also protect your eyes from strong wind.
  • Waterproof & Warm Ski Jackets / Pants – Make sure they’re waterproof as you might / will fall and get wet! They also need to keep you warm from low temperature.
  • Ski/long socks – Highly recommended based on personal experience. They can prevent you from having itchy legs after skiing. Make sure they are long enough, soft enough and don’t rub.
  • Sunscreen (high SPF) Something that’s so easy to forget but will definitely help you step away from that nasty goggle tan / sunburn!
  • Waterproof gloves – To keep your hands warm.
  • Beanies – Especially when it’s super windy & cold.
  • Neck warmer/Scarf – Again, when it gets super cold it becomes super useful.
  • Ski/Snowboard Equipment – available for hire at the resort but you can also buy  them yourselves:
    • Skis or Snowboards
    • Ski boots/snowboard boots
    • Poles
    • Helmet (optional but good to have)
  • GoPro – Highly recommended so if you have one don’t forget to bring it along, it will make your life so much easier if you like taking videos / awesome photos!

These are all I can think of for now, if you have more to add / want to share your own experience please leave a comment below!!

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