Uluru – My Favourite Birthday Cake

Every year I go somewhere new to celebrate my birthday.

Why? Because travelling is my best hobby and I find being on the plane incredibly relaxing for some reason.

2014 – Bali, Indonesia 🏝

2015 – Sydney ⛱

2016 – London, UK ✈️

2017 – Singapore 🌻

2018 – Uluru ☀️ – After being on my to-do list for more than 2 years, Uluru has finally become the biggest birthday cake I’ve ever had!

After a few hours flight from Sydney, we’re welcomed by bright red sands in the heart of Australia. Everything’s just so…Red and Rad! 🙂

Day 1 – Uluru Sunset & Outback BBQ Dinner

Our first stop of this trip – Sunset @ Ayers Rock.

As we’re driving towards the big rock, we saw 3 ‘layers’ of the sky – orange, pink and light blue. The view was simply amazing!

After the sun disappeared below the horizon, we were on our way back for our first dinner.

Outback life = Crocodile Tail + Kangaroo Meat + Emu Sausage + T-bone Steak!

As we’re eating, there’s live performance on stage with a few people dancing like animals, while we’re eating animals…?!

Day 2 – Walking around Uluru, Sounds of Silence & Field of Light

The next morning started with a free 2 hours guided tour called ‘Mala Walk’ where a local guide showed us traditional Anangu culture & rock art along the walk. The highlight of this tour was when it was explained why we should’t climb Uluru – to respect local Anangu people. It’s also quite dangerous to climb up – at least 35 people have died during the climb.

So, we decided to walk around the big rock and take photos as we go:

After spending most of the day walking under Ayers Rock, we’re finally ready for my Birthday dinner – ‘Sounds of Silence’ which began with canapés, chilled sparkling wine, a three-course buffet & a guided tour of the night sky:

Followed by a walk through the famous ‘Field of Light’ art installation, which was a perfect ending to my Birthday this year!

Day 3 – Sunrise Camel Ride, Kata Tjuta & Valley of the Winds

Day three started with the first camel ride in my life.

Here we are on our way to the ‘Promised Land’ (Bible – a place to find great happiness 😝)

Even the Camel seemed very satisfied with the beautiful sunrise!

Soon after the wonderful camel sunrise experience, we’re off to Kata Tjuta, which is my personal favourite – you’ll know why in a second.

Here is the Valley of the Winds – words cannot describe how peaceful this place is, all you can hear is the wind, all you can smell is fresh air. I feel so small when I’m so close to nature!

Kata Tjuta has truly amazed me and out of all the places I’ve been to in Australia, it’s definitely on my top 5!

I’ve been telling everyone but I’m going to say it again – Kata Tjuta & Valley of the Winds are more than Uluru – they’re the best kept secrets of (Central) Australia!

Day 4 – Dot Painting Culture Workshop 

Our last day was also very well spent near the resort – we attended a Dot Painting workshop where local artists taught us how to use different symbols & dots to create meaningful artworks:

Guess which one’s mine?

Hint – my drawing was a summary for this trip – visiting Uluru & Kata Tjuta on warm sunny days. Or if you look closer, you can see my initials JZ written above my footsteps 🙂

I dreamed about this amazing place twice since I got back. Yes, I’m serious.

Thanks Uluru & Kata Tjuta for giving me such an amazing Birthday. I’ll remember all the little details about you.

One day, I’ll be back, I promise.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Kim says:

    This blog reminds me of my Uluru trip.
    I wish I could travel with you there.
    I really miss Australia. 🇦🇺

    Liked by 1 person

    1. missjanicez says:

      Awwww thanks Kim!! I miss you too! We will travel together soon, see you in 2020 – our 10 years anniversary!!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Patrick Eugene Ng says:

    Good post!

    I’ve shared it on my Facebook page so more people can read about your great travel tips!

    ( ´ ▽ ` )b

    Liked by 1 person

    1. missjanicez says:

      Massive thank you for your support Patrick 🙂


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