Portugal – When Delicious Food Meets Beautiful Scenery

Out of all the places I’ve been to so far, Portugal is a solid 10/10 in my travel diary.

I had the best weekend there having amazing food around some beautiful places with my favourite travel girl. The weather was great and everything was inexpensive compared to other European countries.

Since I have so much to write about Portugal and everyone loves food, let’s start with…

Our Delicious Food Journey 

Yummy #1 Portuguese Custard Tarts (Pastéis de Nata)

We all know Portugal is famous for their delicious custard tarts. So here we are at Belém – the place of origin!

No doubt they’re the best Portuguese tarts I’ve had – actually, they’re to die for!! I thought the one I had in Macau was good, but these are fresh from the oven!

Yummy #2 Portuguese Sponge Cake (Pão de Ló)

The BEST sponge cake I’ve had in my ENTIRE life!!

The cream in the middle was so smooth, creamy and full of flavour, it tasted like a combination of the best sponge cake in the world with egg tart flavour. It’s so good that we just had to order the chocolate one as well but I preferred the lemon flavour out of the two.

They’re available in Time Out Market Lisbon, a must-go if you’re a food lover!

Yummy #3 Seared Sardine Nigiri, Tuna Sandwich & Scallops with Sweet Corn

The Tuna Sandwich tasted even better than it looked! You’d also enjoy the Nigiri & Scallops if you love seafood!

Also from the Time Out Market – aka Food Heaven. We got them from Sea Me.


Yummy #4 Massive Tiger Prawn & Lobster at Seafood Heaven 

Obviously food bloggers talk about this seafood restaurant a lot – it’s called Cervejaria Ramiro for those of you who want to check them out.

We ordered 4 big Tiger Prawns, a medium sized Lobster, a bowl of shrimp, some clams and 2 beers:

From memory it was an expensive meal but it’s totally worth it!

Yummy #5 – Drinking Pisco Sour under a Huge Octopus 

Great environment at the restaurant called A Cevicheria. The chef cooks right in front of you and the Pisco Sour was amazing! Drinking under a massive octopus was an unique experience!

Yummy #6 – A bakery that was founded 160 years ago

You’ll like Casa Piriquita especially if you are a fan of almonds.

Pasteis De Cruz Alta (in the middle) – is a unique flavor that involves egg, almond, and beans.

Travesseiros (at the right) – is a dough-based pastry with egg cream and almond.

Yummy #7 – Baked Potato + White Wine

This little place only sells one thing but it’s packed full of people, so we decided to have a try. Baked Potato plus White Wine – a good mixture! And thanks for my two models who smiled to the camera for me 🙂


Thanks to my most amazing friend Tianyi aka the Food Expert who took me to all those places!

This trip was not just about food though! We also travelled to a lot of beautiful places, which made our journey very unforgettable.

Hitting the Road 

Destination #1 Sintra, Portugal – Pena Palace

Can you spot our little faces in the photo? 😉 This was my favourite destination on this trip. If you’re visiting Lisbon, I highly recommend you to get on the train to Sintra. The journey is around 55 minutes but when you get there you’ll be amazed by how unique this castle is!



Destination #2 Belém, Portugal – Jerónimos Monastery

Belém is only 20 minutes away from Lisbon Central, so we took the famous Cable Car here. Jerónimos monastery is one of the most prominent examples of the Portuguese Late Gothic Manueline style of architecture in Lisbon – it’s also my favourite travel spot (Ok I have 2 favourites) – absolutely stunning!



Destination #3 Belém Tower

You might have seen Belém Tower on postcards as it’s probably the most famous landmark in Portugal. The tower was built in the early 16th century and is a prominent example of the Portuguese Manueline style. Again it’s definitely something not to miss.


Destination #4 – Lisbon Cable Car

Having said that, what’s more famous than the cable cars in Lisbon? An absolute must-do! Such an unique experience to travel around the city.


This time we only travelled to Lisbon, Sintra and Belém, so my next stop is definitely Porto – I heard it’s as good as Lisbon!

Have you been to Portugal before? Are you planning your trip here? Comment below and share with us your travel stories!

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  1. Kim says:

    I’m planning to go to Portugal and your blog makes me excited. Nice photos! I’m looking forward to eat the food there! Thanks.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. missjanicez says:

      Thank you Kim! And I’m looking forward to see your amazing photos! Can’t wait 😊

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Great post! Your photographs are amazing. I’m wondering if Portugal has options for vegans.


    1. missjanicez says:

      Thank you Anjali, I’m sure they do. The food there was amazing!!


  3. Patrick says:

    I want Portuguese Custard Tarts!!!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. missjanicez says:

      Me too, writing this post made me so hungry !! 😋😋


  4. Dan says:

    Wow I’m actually excited to go now. The food looks delicious and the sightseeing spots look amazing. Great review


    1. missjanicez says:

      Thank you Dan! Have an amazing trip there! Can’t wait to see all your photos!!


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