Adelaide & Kangaroo Island – A Perfect Family Trip

As the last major city in Australia that I’ve not been to, when Jetstar had their Birthday sale 6 months ago, I booked our flights to Adelaide to celebrate my dad’s Birthday in October.

Last Friday, after a super long wait since May, we finally landed Adelaide. We spent a long weekend in Adelaide and surrounds, as well as Kangaroo Island that I’ve been wanting to visit.

Day 1:Adelaide City Centre

Central Market

We arrived Adelaide around midday when we picked up the car from the airport and drove straight to the famous Central Market. We had a bit of seafood before our lunch at Zuma Cafe, then we went for food / chocolate tasting. There’s a bookstore at the far end of the market which I found quite unique.

National Wine Centre

We then drove to the Wine Centre for wine tasting – since Adelaide / South Australia has the most well known wineries.

Unlike any other wine centres I’ve been to, in Adelaide you have a self-serve wine tasting service, which allows you to choose your own wine from a wide range of selection. All you need is to go to the counter and get a swipe card, then you can select your wine and how much you would like to drink. We tasted about 6 different wines, ranging from Chardonnay to Shiraz to Sparkling Rosé. It’s an interesting experience and I highly recommend it, especially if you are not planning to drive up to any wineries around Adelaide (e.g. Barossa Valley)

Day 2 & Day 3: Kangaroo Island

We spent the whole weekend in Kangaroo Island & visited all the major scenic spots: Pennington Bay – Seal Bay – Vivonne Bay – Remarkable Rocks – Admirals Arch – Cape Du Couedic Lighthouse – Kelly Hills Cave – Kingscote – Clifford’s Honey Farm.

We drove down to Cape Jervis and took a ferry ride with the car.

Pennington Bay

Our journey started at Pennington Bay but if you only have one day to spend at Kangaroo Island I’d say this is optional as you could easily see this view anywhere else in the world / Australia 🙂

Seal Bay

Seal Bay was our 2nd stop and we were given 2 options to get into the beach to see Sea Lions:

Option 1: $35.5 pp for a guided tour if you want to enter the beach and get slightly closer to sea lions.

Option 2: $16 pp for a self-guided tour and stay in the balcony and see them from a distance.

We took the second option and here’s the view from the balcony – not bad after all!

Vivonne Bay

Better view than Pennington Bay thanks to it’s long jetty, the water also looks crystal clear. If you have at least 2 days in Kangaroo island, I’d suggest you to stop by for a short walk.

Remarkable Rocks

Now, after all the above 3 optional spots, the Remarkable Rocks is a must-see. It reminded me of Bay of Fires in Tasmania, hence why I call Kangaroo Island ‘the little Tasmania’.

The Remarkable Rocks are one of the best known icons of Kangaroo Island, it took an impressive 500 million years of wind, rain and waves to carve out the huge boulders into the odd shapes we see – they’re truly Remarkable! See how small I looked in front of them!!

Admirals Arch

Admirals Arch is another not-to-miss for sure, especially during sunrise & sunset. It’s another unusual yet breathtaking natural landmark in Kangaroo Island. Again it took thousands of years of erosion to create this distinctive rock bridge. Below is my original photo with no editing & no filter. Looks lovely isn’t it?

Cape Du Couedic Lighthouse

Cape Du Couedic is a lighthouse located on the south west tip of Kangaroo Island, named after a French naval officer.

Nothing too special about this lighthouse I must say, but since it was right next to Admirals Arch, we spent a short 5 minute there for photos.

Kelly Hills Cave

If you have not been to the other caves, I suggest you take a guided tour to Kelly Hills Cave just like us. This tour definitely worth the cost, which is $20 per person, as it lasts for more than an hour and the guide is super professional and knowledgeable.

With a few staircases, we soon arrived the magical underground world with ornate cave decorations.


We finished the cave visit around lunch time, before we drove up to Kingscote for the seafood feast we’ve been looking forward to. Marron is the must-try I heard!

Dad loved his grilled salmon and the seafood basket was also delicious.

Clifford’s Honey Farm

After lunch we shortly arrived Clifford’s Honey Farm where I had the most delicious honey ice cream in my whole life! We also bought some honey home so if you’re a fan of honey or ice cream, you might want to spend at least half an hour here – it’s only 20 minutes drive from Kingscote anyway!

After a full weekend in Kangaroo Island, we took the ferry back with some newfound friends – hundreds of sheep! A life time experience?

Since I got back I’ve been asked a few times if Kangaroo Island is worth visiting. My honest take is, if you’re aware of the cost & have run out of places to go to in Australia just like me, then yes.

For 3 people and a car we have spent around $700 AUD just for entering Kangaroo Island and visiting Seal Bay & Kelly Hills Cave. It’s a relatively small island so think of it as mini Tasmania but less pretty.

We did have fun there so I guess that’s more important? 🙂

Day 4: Victor Harbour – McLaren Vale – Hahndorf

Victor Harbour

As it’s a 2 hours drive back to Adelaide, we spent the night in Victor Harbour which is around 30 minutes drive from Cape Jervis – A small town where we left the Ferry.

More seafood on our way!!

The next morning, we had breakfast by the harbour, took a short walk around the jetty and started to slowly drive back up to Adelaide.

McLaren Vale

Our original plan was to skip the wineries as we have been to the National Wine Centre and we’re not alcoholics (lol). However before we knew it we were on our way to McLaren Vale as I simply forgot to tell dad to exist the highway – well, life is full of surprises I guess?

So we decided to embrace our small mistake and head to McLaren Vale – one of the famous wineries in South Australia.

We went to the highly rated Primo Estate winery, tasted about 5 different wines and went to the famous Shiraz Wine Walk.


As it’s my dad’s birthday on that day, I’d planned a birthday lunch at Hahndorf Inn in this very well known German town near Adelaide – Hahndorf, simply because both my parents love German food.

We ordered a freshly baked pretzel, sausage tasting board & a giant crispy skin pork knuckle served with traditional Rhine potatoes, and of course German beers.

The food was, as my mum put it, even better than what we had in Munich when we went to Germany in 2016!

Playing with our Pretzel & being super childish – hopefully no one was watching??

After lunch we spent some time exploring this little German village, and pretended to be the locals 😉

Have you been to Adelaide or Kangaroo Island before? What was your experience? If you’re planning to go, where are you planning to visit? Leave a comment below and share your stories with us! 🙂

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  1. auzjak56 says:

    My wife and I have just done a similar trip… it was fantastic.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. missjanicez says:

      Thanks great! Our Adelaide trip was amazing too, thank you for sharing!!


  2. Except for the seals you don’t mention seeing a single animal on Kangaroo Island. We spent a week there once and the animals were a highlight. We saw lots of kangaroos and koalas. We also went looking for platypus but didn’t see one. I am fairly sure we saw echidnas too, although that may have been somewhere else.


    1. missjanicez says:

      You made a good point Lyn, we did see Kangaroos, Koalas and other animals in the caravan park we stayed, should have mentioned them too! I just took them for granted now as they’re everywhere haha


  3. Luke says:

    You can’t go wrong with a pork knuckle. Love Adelaide and Hahndorf they’re both very quirky. Haven’t made it out to KI yet.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. missjanicez says:

      Haha yes, pork knuckle is our all time favourite. Hahndorf is definitely quirky, we had so much fun there!


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